Bunny Henning
Cast Member
Biographical Information
Gender: Female
Birthdate: February 9, 1943
Birthplace: California, USA
Media Information
Portrays: Lana Lang in The Adventures of Superboy (TV Show).

A young Bunny Henning played Lana Lang in the never aired TV series “The Adventures of Superboy (TV Show)”. Only a pilot episode was filmed in 1961.


In the pilot, Clark Kent was a high school student who lived with his parents and was friends with a suspicious Lana Lang.

Bunny Henning-Lana Lang Fun Facts:Edit

  • This marks Lana Lang’s first live action appearance.
  • It is the first time Lana is depicted as a blond.
  • There is existing, but hard to find archival footage of Bunny Henning’s screen test for “The Adventures of Superboy”.
  • Bunny Henning and Kristin Kreuk, who played Lana in the TV show “Smallville”, were both 18 years old when they were cast to play Lana Lang.
  • Bunny was not the only actor to audition for the part of Lana –Trudy “True” Ellison, Marla Ryan and Mary Ann Roberts also auditioned for the role.

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