Lana Lang (ManofSteel)
Lana Lang (Man of Steel)
Biographical Information
  • Man of Steel Cinematic Universe
  • Alive
Media Information
Portrayed by: Jadin Gould
First appearance: “Man of Steel Film”
Leave him alone Pete.
Lana defending Clark.

Lana Lang is a classmate and childhood friend of Clark Kent.


Early LifeEdit

Lana was born in the Kansas town of Smallville and attended Smallville Elementary School with classmates Clark Kent, Pete Ross and Whitney Fordham.

When their class went on a field trip, Lana saw Pete relentlessly teasing Clark, and gave him a look of sadness that her friend didn't stick up for himself. When the bus crashed and went over a bridge, it began quickly filling up with water. Suddenly Clark tore the back door off the bus and pushed it out of the water with his superhuman strength astonishing Lana, who witnessed him do this. He then went and rescued Pete from drowning, as Lana looked on in amazement. When the parents came to pick their children up, Lana gave her friend a look of awe.

Death of SupermanEdit

After news broke of The Death of Superman, a small funeral service was held in Smallville Cemetery by those that knew Clark the closest. Lana attended the funeral.


  • Man of Steel Movie
  • Man of Steel (Novel)
  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Movie


  • Lana's appearance bears more resemblance to Kristin Kreuk's portrayal of the character from the TV series Smallville (TV Series), rather than her comic book counterpart.
  • In the comics, Lana is a redhead, whilst Lois Lane is a brunette. In Man of Steel their hair tones are switched, as Lana is a brunette and Lois is a redhead.

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