Lewis Lang
Biographical Information
  • Smallville Universe
  • Deceased
Cause of Death:
  • Killed by a meteor
  • Married
Media Information
Portrayed by: Ben Odberg
First appearance: Pilot

Lewis Lang (1957-1989) (of Smallville-Earth), was the legal father of Lana Lang but is not the biological father.


Lewis had a twisted sense of humor.[1]


Early lifeEdit

Lewis and Laura before they died.

Lewis and his wife, Laura, were killed in the 1989 meteor shower right in front of Lana when she was just 3 years old.

Season FourEdit

Lana has seen visions of her parents on two separate occasions. When she hallucinated her worst nightmare, in Scare, she had a vision of all of her loved ones dying and leaving her alone, including her parents.

Season FiveEdit

A year later in Void, Lana became addicted to the Lazarus Serum which caused a near-death experience in which she was able to see her deceased parents again. She became addicted to the serum due to the happiness she felt while in their presence.

In the ComicsEdit

In the dc comics universe, Lewis Lang was a professor, as well as one of many Superman characters to have the initials "LL".


  1. Lana mentioned this when introducing Clark Kent to her parents at their grave site in Pilot.

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